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Best ways for babyproofing your home

It is very risky to be keep small babies in the house as you always need to be on the lookout. The kids love to get into trouble as they climb things they should not, grab dangerous stuff, and put everything right in their mouths. Along with many old things, new gadgets are also entering our houses which make them very unsafe for the children. It is thoroughly necessary for the parents and people taking care of babies to know the things in order to keep the house safe for the children and make the chances to ensure babyproofing your home. For this purpose, you need to be patient and also understand the psychology of the little toddlers.

Securing gadgets
Gadgets are very hazardous for children and needs to be kept out of their reach. Cords are serious dangers to children and so while you do not have to change your device habits, it is good to keep those cords away from your kids. Put chargers high up and out of reach. The same goes for power strips and extension cords. Try snaking them behind or on top of furniture where little exploring hands cannot get to them. Whenever you start your TV, make sure it is secured and bracketed down so they do not fall or tip over.

Making safe furniture
Furniture should be kept in house in a way that children do not get hurt. All the desks, chairs, tables, shelves, and other pieces of furniture should be secured with wall restraints or brackets or otherwise they could tip over. Another thing that is need to be kept in mind is about trying newer outlet covers with sliding doors. They give you quick access to the outlet if you need it, automatically cover it safely when you are not using it, and you never have to remove them which lessens the chance of choking.

Safe kitchen
The kitchen is one of the most dangerous places in your house as it has many hazardous substances. The cleaning supplies and detergents along with plastic and paper bags should be moved to the top cabinets and put the safe things at the lower cabinet. If you use vitamin or mineral supplements, keep them in a hard-to-reach drawer or cabinet with a safety latch as they look like candy and can poison a curious kid. Do not forget to unplug kitchen appliances while they are not in use.

Secure bathroom
Remember that water is a critical element and put your baby in water only under elderly supervision. Babies can drown in a few inches of water; do not run out to answer the phone or do anything else unless you pull your child out Do move harmful products to high shelves, and remove all electrical appliances and their cords to avoid electrical dangers. You should child lock your toilet along with putting latches on the medicine cabinet of your bathroom.

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Top home Decorating ideas to make your home lovable

There are many ideas that can be taken on board while deciding the ones which are best to make the house more lovable and ideal for kids and the one place that gives positive vibes.

Get chalkboard
Purchase chalkboard paint and 2 or more packs of colored chalk. Paint a small section or entire wall with two coats of the chalk paint for both inside or outside. When dry, get chalking and this is possibly one of the top things to do in your home that your kids will thank you for.

Show artwork
Place some of your children’s art work into frames and hang a whole bunch of them together on a wall. This adds that unique touch we mentioned earlier and is guaranteed to please the artist too. Having a wall full of your children’s artwork will bring personality to the house and will make friends and family smile when coming to visit.

Creative storage
If you are concerned about toys lying around in your living areas, consider placing woven baskets or pretty buckets in strategic areas. Not only will these items be able to store goodies, they will add color and texture to the room. Let your creative juices flow and you use the ones that you love most

Use lights
There are very few kids who do not like glow in the dark items or fun forms of lighting. Invest in fairy lights, glow in the dark stickers or those tube lights that can be wrapped around any door or corner or shaped into a word of your choice. The more innovative and creative you are in lighting, the better for you.

Nice cushions
Cushions provide the perfect opportunity of adding a splash of color to a room. Add some colorful floor cushions to your living area for little ones to sit on, lie on or give Dad a swipe with! If not so keen on floor pillows, consider poufs which work just as well.

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Top carpentry tips and tricks carpentry should know for success

Knowing carpenter tricks are not only necessary for the professional carpenters. Some of the skills needed to learnt by you so that you have to give less money to hire them. Here is the list of some of them.

Less measurement
When most people do any form of woodwork they will always measure using a tape measure, and then mark the wood which needs to be cut down. This works most of the time, but it’s very easy to accidentally mis-measure which can be very costly. Where possible simply hold the trim or wood up and mark where it needs to be cut. By marking the wood itself you reduce the chance of errors. There will however be times that you will need to measure, in this case make sure you measure twice to check you are right.

Remember measurements
When you do have to use your tape measure it can be very difficult to remember exactly what you measured. To avoid this being a problem stick some masking tape onto the front of your measuring tape. Then you can jot down the measurements in pen or pencil.

Remove Nails
Use a pair of sharp nippers to pull any nails out of woodwork by gripping the head firmly. This is better than a pair of pliers which could cause damage to the wood.

Straight Claw Hammer
The most common type of hammer is the curved claw hammer, but this is not the best all round hammer for woodworking. A straight claw hammer is perfect for pulling nails, and can even be used to lift doors and partition walls. It can also be used as a very basic chisel if needed.