Top tips to clean swimming pool

ByMerry Home

Top tips to clean swimming pool

The swimming pool is the only water body which kids and adults use daily. Keeping your pool sparkling clean does not have to be as cumbersome as you might think. All pools are different, and so are their maintenance needs.

Clean debris
Cleaning the pool’s surface by hand every few days is one of the fastest and easiest ways to keep your pool clean. Floating debris will eventually sink, becoming harder to remove. Cleaning out strainer baskets at least once a week also helps circulation and lowers chlorine demands.

Empty pool
The swimming pool should be vacuumed every week to keep water clear and reduce the amount of chemicals you need to add to it. There are many types of pool vacuums. If you have a manual design, work it back and forth all over the surface of the pool like you would if vacuuming carpet. It is good form to slightly overlap each stroke. Check the filter each time you vacuum, and clean it if necessary.

Proper level
A lot of water will be lost throughout the swimming season largely because of evaporation and normal wear and tear, such as swimming, splashing and exiting the pool. When you remove debris with your skimmer throughout the week, that is also a good time to check the water level. Ensure it doesn’t fall below the level of the skimmer, otherwise the pump could be damaged. If the water is low, use a garden hose to bring it up to safe levels.

Repair leak
Sometimes it is difficult to determine if low water levels are due to evaporation or a leak. You can discover leaks in your pool by conducting a simple bucket test.

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