Top principles to follow in landscape design

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Top principles to follow in landscape design

Along with designing your house interiors, it is imperative to also beautify the surroundings. You need to use some simple ideas to cover your outdoor landscape. Residents spend much of their time outside the house and taking much care of the landscape – also ensures better health and happiness for every member of the house.

Try curve landscape
This is most eye-catching feature that you can use in landscape design. Remember that a curved plant bed of annual flowers of various kinds combines the elegance of a gracious line with the vibrancy of color and adds texture to the space.

Use three depths
This is one of the basic principles to add volume to your space. By implementation, it separates the front from rear and is essential for a compelling view. and long view, therefore, is more interesting with some-thing placed in a central zone where the eye can rest. It also increases the perceived depth by providing a central reference point.

Have long view
The long view is an easy way to fill the landscape with variety. For the purpose, grab the lengthiest straight line you can in an outdoor space and use it to its best advantage. A long view may involve looking diagonally across your yard or down a slope.

Eye trick
This is perfect for those having space constraints and can manage to decorate with few elements. This visual cue creates a sense of depth in any outdoor space. You can use this trick in a small outdoor space by slightly angling the lines of a walk inward, making it appear longer than it actually is.

Hide and seek
This can be used to give an interesting look to your landscape and add parts to it which actually might not be there. This entails partially obscuring a view or features in a garden to create an illusion of distance. A half-hidden vista also encourages people to explore a space because the mystery of the unseen is quite tantalizing.

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