Latest art solutions to beautify the home


Art is one of the best ways to express who you are to your guests, so be sure to showcase your favorite pieces.

Select the most important and visible walls in your home
The art that you decide to bring into your house is important to you so give it room to shine by leaving some walls blank. It is not necessary to hang something on every wall. The mantle is a great place for a piece that you love as your eye is drawn to it and it is often one of the first areas noticed in a living room.

Mirror the size of the wall
If you have a long horizontal wall hang a long horizontal piece or collection of pieces on that wall. If you have a narrow vertical spot, place a piece that is narrow and vertical and that fills the space. By accentuating the height or length of the wall, you make the room feel larger.

Fill the wall
Don’t be afraid to use the entire wall—many people think they can’t handle a big piece of art when they can.

Color is important
Think about the feel of a color before placing it in your room. Light blues and greens are cool, serene colors that are well suited for a room meant for rest and relaxation such as a bedroom. It is nice to greet people in an entry space with warmer tones, welcoming them into the home.

Feel the color
Color is very important! Think about the feel of a color before placing it in your room. Deep bold colors are stronger and have a way of drawing a visitor in. These pieces are great in a living room, dining room or kitchen where we invite conversation and entertainment.

Perfect architecture
Do not let the architectural style of your home dictate the art that you have on your walls. Contemporary art can be wonderful in a traditional setting and often has an impact on a room that a more traditional landscape wouldn’t have.

Vary the texture of the pieces in your room
If you have a photograph behind glass above your favorite chair, you may want to choose a piece of art on canvas for above your sofa. Variety is good when you hang art in a room!

A frame can serve as a bridge between the artwork and the room
When selecting a frame, it is important that it complement the furniture and architectural features of a room.. Choose a frame to match the wood floors or if you have gold lamps in your living room, select a golf frame for the art. A frame can be particularly helpful when bringing modern art into a traditional home.

Play with the lighting in the room
After placing the artwork, move your existing lighting around or think about adding new spots to illuminate the piece. A well-lit piece of art will draw visitors into your space.

Watch out for glare
When hanging art behind glass, stay away from walls directly across from windows as the light will create glare and the piece will be lost on the wall. Non-reflective museum glass is available at a higher price but worth it if glare is an issue.